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Principal: Melanie Mierzwa

An IB World School

Principal: Melanie Mierzwa

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Sarah Peacock

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About Me

How many years have you been doing your job? How many years at Riffenburgh?: 

I have been teaching Spanish for 17 years: 7 years as a middle school teacher in Maryland, and this is my 10th year at Riffenburgh as well as many years as a Spanish tutor.

What I love most about teaching is…: 

so many things!  But especially the moments when kids become spontaneous with using their Spanish.  I love to see that recognition that the language is a part of them, a way to express their unique selves,  not just words to memorize.  Outside of the language aspect,  I truly love getting to know so many great kids and having the chance to teach them year after year.

My favorite children's book or author is...: 

I am an avid reader and loved so many books as a kid.  Too hard to pick a favorite!

My hometown is...: 

Monkton, Maryland -  where I grew up on a farm and enjoyed singing to cows.

My Interests & Hobbies include...: 

gardening, reading (in both Spanish and English) baking and cooking, biking and hiking.  I am trying to get more into snowshoeing so I can enjoy the Colorado winters as much as the summers!

About My Classroom: 

Every student at Riffenburgh takes Spanish - yay!  We focus on "losing the fear and developing the ear" through songs, games, dialogues, skits and cultural explorations.  I am following the Comprehensible Input (CI) method of teaching language that focuses on key vocabulary heard over and over in context until students "acquire" it to their long-term memory.  In practice, CI is full of stories, movie-talks, acting our skits, singing songs and sharing in the fun!