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Principal: Melanie Mierzwa

An IB World School

Principal: Melanie Mierzwa

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International Baccalaureate

The 6 Organizing Themes of the Primary Years Program:

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program identifies six themes which provide the organizing structure for the content or program of inquiry. Each grade (K-5) explores the six themes during the school year. State of Colorado and Poudre School District content standards are addressed within the themes.

The organizing themes:

* have significance for all students, all cultures;
* offer students the opportunity to explore knowledge which is of genuine importance in understanding the human condition;
* address the fields of knowledge which form the traditional disciplines but present these in a way which transcends these disciplines, thus facilitating transdisciplinary planning and teaching;
* will be revisited throughout the students' years of schooling, the end result being an articulated curriculum content, from kindergarten to secondary school.

"Who we are"
An inquiry into: An exploration of the nature of the self; of our beliefs and values; of personal health: physical, mental, social, spiritual; of our families, friends, communities and cultures; of our rights and responsibilities; of what it means to be human.

"Where we are in place and time"
An inquiry into: An exploration of our orientation in place and time; of our personal histories and geographies; of history and geography from local and global perspectives; of our homes and journeys- actual and spiritual; of the greater journeys of humankind- the discoveries, explorations and migrations; of human achievements and the contributions of individuals and civilizations; of the descent and ascent of humankind; of the state of the race.

"How we express ourselves"
An inquiry into: An exploration of the ways in which we discover and express our nature, ideas, feelings, beliefs and values through language and the arts.

"How the world works"
An inquiry into: An exploration of the physical and material world; of natural and human-made phenomena; of the world of science and technology.

"How we organize ourselves"
An inquiry into: An exploration of human systems and communities; of the world of work, its nature and its value; of employment and unemployment and their impact, both personal and global.

"Sharing the planet"
An inquiry into: An exploration of our rights and responsibilities as we strive to share finite resources with other people, with other species; of individuals and communities, human and animal; of the relationships within and among them.

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