Riffenburgh Elementary School

1320 East Stuart Street Fort Collins CO 80525
Principal: Melanie Mierzwa
Phone:(970) 488-7935 Fax:(970) 488-7937 Attendance: (970) 488-7936

February Update!

In reading, 3rd grade has working heavily on Problem and Solution, focusing on actions characters in stories take to solve their problems. We have also spent some time on sequencing the events within a story using transitional words. Additionally, 3rd graders have been practicing how to answer a reading comprehension questions using multiple paragraphs. In our answers, we are practicing restating the question, answering the question, citing evidence from the text, and connecting the question to our own life experiences! We published our Informational books and have moved into elements of poetry! 3rd graders are also wrapping up our social studies timeline units. Each child conducted a home interview about important parts of their past, and will be adding it to a timeline with other historical events we have learned. In math, we have touched on fractions, elapsed time and 2D shapes. Finally, we are wrapping up our Where We Are in Place and Time IB planner, and will be moving into How the World Works!