Riffenburgh Elementary School

1320 East Stuart Street Fort Collins CO 80525
Principal: Melanie Mierzwa
Phone:(970) 488-7935 Fax:(970) 488-7937 Attendance: (970) 488-7936

December Update!

Third grade is halfway through our Sharing the Planet Unit, in which we focus on water. This is third grade's first science unit of the year, and we kicked it off with several science experiments! Through out experiments, we explored evaporation and condensation. We are exploring the water cycle, water use and conservation, as well as the distribution of water throughout the world. Going along with this unit, third graders are also hosting a fundraiser, selling funky socks in exchange for building a water capture system for a school in Uganda! In math, third grade has been reading and creating bar graphs and pictographs. In reading, we are practicing sequencing, making inferences, and paragraphing. Additionally, we are learning about prefixes and suffixes. Finally, in writing, third grade has moved into the art of persuasive writing. It has been exciting trying to change the minds of those around us.