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January News

Students in 2nd grade have been focusing their learning around our IB unit “How We Express Ourselves.”  One way we express ourselves in the world is through patterns.  Second graders have found patterns in nature, animals, poetry, stories, math, art, and music.  We even collected items for a “pattern museum” in our classrooms.  Patterns are everywhere!  During writer’s workshop, students have been able to use their creativity to explore patterns in poetry.  We wrote and shared cinquain poems, free poems, shape poems, and acrostic poems.  We have enjoyed reading poems too!  In math, we have used number patterns to solve problems.  Here are a few poems written by 2nd graders.    

I Wish I Could Fly

By: Sebastian

(Mrs. Bryant 2nd grade)

I wish I could fly

Up to the sky

To meet the birds

In their herds

I wish I could fly

Up to the sky

To meet the reindeer

That fly so high

I wish I could fly

Up to the sky

To meet Santa in his slay

Today I say

I wish I could fly up to the sky

Dragons Eat

By Miles

(Mrs. Price 2nd grade)

Dragons eat, dragons eat.

They will eat you,

then ice cream.

Dragons eat, dragons eat

They will eat your family,

then cake.

Watch out for more …….

Dragons eat, dragons eat

They will eat your friends,

then candy.   

Dragons eat, dragons eat,

They will eat your city,

then fudge.

So, watch out for every single…………


My Dad

By Thomas

(Mrs. Miller 2nd Grade)

My dad jokes around.

He is fun and funny.

Hee, hee, hee!

My dad works on his computer.

Tip-type, tip-type, tip-type!

My dad and I snuggle together.

Huggy, huggy, huggy!


By:  Myles

(Mrs. Romero 2nd Grade)


Look at the ball

It’s sailing through the air

It’s gone!


Look it’s sailing through the air

Up, up, up

Floating like an eagle

Up and away,

The ball is going up, up, up, away!