An IB World School

Principal: Melanie Mierzwa

An IB World School

Principal: Melanie Mierzwa

Riffenburgh Assessment Policy

Philosophy and Purpose

Assessment is a general tool used to determine learning, guide instruction, and communicate student success.  We believe that effective assessment allows students, teachers, and parents to be inquisitive, reflective, and confident participants in the development of the whole child.

Assessments allow:

• Students to have multiple opportunities and experiences to express their understanding of content through concepts.  They are accumulating a comprehensive knowledge base and can apply their understanding to further their inquiries successfully.

• Teachers to inform every stage of teaching and learning.  They will plan in response to student and teacher inquiries, and account for diverse learning styles and abilities of their students.

• Parents to have opportunities to support and celebrate student learning by developing an understanding of the student’s progress:


The teachers and students are both actively engaged in the collection and analysis of information about student progress, development, and performance.  We effectively assess student growth through a strategic process of collaboration and communication.  Teachers purposefully guide students through the PYP five essential elements of learning.

• Acquisition of knowledge
• Understanding of concepts
• Mastering of skills
• Development of attitudes
• Decision to take action

Structures of Practices: These frequent on-going assessments may include, but are not limited to:

• Formative and Summative Assessments
• Observations (informal and formal)
• A collection for evidence of students’ understanding and thinking
• Providing opportunities for reflection during the learning process
• Allowing students to express different points of view and interpretations
• Providing opportunities for differentiation
• Student and teacher self-assessment

Standards-based assessments issued by the State of Colorado and Poudre School District must be administered yearly to students at Riffenburgh. These assessments help complete a profile of student progress toward proficiency of mandated state standards.  The results of these assessments are shared with students and parents. Teachers analyze the body of evidence provided by assessment data to help design learning experiences for the student.

• Mandatory assessment requirements – TCAP, DRA2, MAPs, CogAT, Access

Evidence of Assessment

• Learner Profile reflection
• Report cards
• Student work on Display
• Parent/Teacher conferences
• Professional Learning Communities
• School-home weekly communications (Friday Folders)

Review and Access

This policy will be reviewed annually to meet the needs of our evolution as an IB World School.  We understand this policy may need to be adjusted based on the Primary Years Programme, Poudre School District requirements, and/or the State of Colorado expectations of public schools.

This policy will be provided to all stakeholders (students, teachers, parents, administrators) through website access.