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Times They are a Changin’ in 1st Grade

We have seen so much growth and change in our young learners over the first half of our school year. We have seen amazing work as we reflect on all the inquiry and discovery. 

As we begin a new calendar year, we also begin our new IB Unit:

Where We Are in Place and Time

In this unit we are focusing on this central idea:

Events of the past inspire action in the present

We will be studying concepts like service, inspiration, kindness, and sacrifice.  We will be inquiring about what we might do to help our world community by participating in our annual Chicks for Children Campaign through Heifer International.  We will be examining who inspires us as we study historical figures and what makes events in history meaningful.

As our students learn more about events of the past, we hope that they will apply their learning and take action.  Perhaps we might see students making new friends at the buddy bench or treating others with more empathy by understanding their perspective.  We ask our parents to be on the look out for conversations or events that happen at home that might have roots in our studies here at school. If you happen to notice anything fun to share, please e-mail any teacher on the First Grade Team and we would be glad to celebrate this action at school.