Riffenburgh Elementary School

1320 East Stuart Street Fort Collins CO 80525
Principal: Melanie Mierzwa
Phone:(970) 488-7935 Fax:(970) 488-7937 Attendance: (970) 488-7936
Hours:8:45am-3:28pm 1/2 Day Kindergarten Hours:8:45am-12:30pm

5th grade music

These songs are compositions that each 5th grade class collectively composed using Soundtrap, a web based composition tool similar to Garage Band. After studying traditional tone poems like Danse Macabre, Moldau, Night On Bald Mountain, and The Sorcerer's Apprentice we decided to give writing 21st century tone poems a try. First, the class came up with a theme, then choose loops and sound files that fit into that theme. They cut, pasted, faded in and out, and layered - much like any electronic musician would do today. Here are the final products! Mr. Baker's class was going for a "techo Tron" theme, Mrs. Jones' a "fireworks" theme, and Mrs. Bruinsma's  a "summer night" theme.