Riffenburgh Elementary School

1320 East Stuart Street Fort Collins CO 80525
Principal: Melanie Mierzwa
Phone:(970) 488-7935 Fax:(970) 488-7937 Attendance: (970) 488-7936

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Riffenburgh is a caring community of inquisitive and reflective life-long learners making connections across disciplines to become global citizens who respect differences among people.

One way we support our mission is to use the Positive Behavior Support program. It encourages character traits to achieve success in school and the community.

Core Values

We at Riffenburgh subscribe to the philosophy that high expectations yield high results. We are committed to providing a continuum of education through which our students learn early that our standards, though high, are fair, reasonable and attainable. We strongly believe in the establishment of the basic skills process. Our curriculum has at its core a sound program of reading, math, and language skills. These "basics" are supplemented and fortified by the other subject areas as our students progress through the grade levels.

Riffenburgh Elementary places a great deal of emphasis on developing responsible students. It is our basic philosophy that acceptance of the consequences of our decisions and accountability for actions and performance are paramount to success in life. We attempt to develop responsible students through a needs based approach.

Positive Behavior Characteristics

Riffenburgh (IB) ROCKS! Here are the character traits we value.